Hand-drawn SAT Math Study Notes now available as a quick and easy download!

Marga has created detailed and colorful notes to help study for the two math sections of the SAT. 

Upcoming 2024 test dates are → August 24th and October 5th!

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So thankful to Marga. She found out what my daughter needed and responded with simple to learn methodology...

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My daughter Diana decided to take both geometry and algebra 2 in 9th grade, and it was overwhelming. We were so fortunate to find Marga to work with her over the summer! She was wonderful in every aspect. She covered material from both classes, reviewed tests from previous years with Diana, and made sure she understood every concept. On top of this, Marga always kept a positive attitude that boosted by daughter’s confidence. With her help Diana had an A all year in both geometry and algebra 2. Thank you Marga!
Mihaela K
Sammamish, WA
Marga is a wonderful teacher! She is very experienced, passionate about teaching, and knows how to adjust her teaching methods to the student's learning style. Since my daughter starting working with her, math is now the subject she is most confident about. Thank you!!
Ella, K
Sammamish, WA
"Ms. White!"
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for working with our daughter. When we began working with you our daughter's ACT score wasn't quite high enough to get into her top choice school. When she just recently took the ACT again after working with you her score improved by 6 points, and made it possible for her to apply with confidence to her top choice school! Your work with specific topics and addressing strategies for success HUGELY paid off for our daughter. I truly believe the one-on-one time with you made all the difference. I also appreciated your weekly summaries you sent to me as well so I knew what you had worked on and what her tasks were until your next meeting. (We all know how teenagers can be with communication to their parents!)
Stacey C
Sammamish, WA
My daughter loves having Marga as a tutor and looks forward to her session every week. She can't wait to tell me how awesome it is after each visit, including excitement for what they are working on learning. I couldn't ask for a more positive tutoring experience!
Mary O
Snohomish, WA
Marga knows the material and she makes good use of time. She also connects with her students and is patient and kind! She is an excellent tutor. I am so glad we found her for SAT prep.
Ann M
Snohomish, WA
Looking for a tutor, look no further! Marga has it all and has been such an amazing asset to our family. She not only provides outstanding tutoring, she connects with kids and parents to find long lasting solutions. She has gone above and beyond my expectations to provide just the kind of help my daughter needs. Thank you Marga!
Mary S
Sammamish, WA
What can I say-but Marga has been an amazing asset for our family!!! We started looking for a tutor for our senior, who was struggling with Algebra 2, as we wanted to ensure she graduated on time. We found Marga and our experience has been amazing!! Marga has worked with our daughter for the last several months and with her assistance, my daughter has not only passed her Algebra 2, but has passed with an A. And more importantly, will be graduating on time. Marga exhibits consistency, patience, excellent communication skills, as well as being very personable. She has instilled confidence in my daughter that has not only impacted her math grade, but her other grades as well. My daughter is very proud of her accomplishments, an emotion that she doesn't always feel. Hands down, would recommend Marga to anyone in need of assistance in the math discipline. I can't thank her enough for the work she has done with our daughter.
Natalie D
Snohomish, WA
"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"
So thankful to Marga. She found out what my daughter needed and responded with simple to learn methodology with many examples. Now she feels confident and is hungry for more.
John D
Sammamish, WA
"Simply the Best!"
My daughter had many tutors over the last few years and none have even come close to Marga. She knows my child is a visual learner and teaches her in a way my daughter can understand. Her grade significantly improved and I am so grateful to have found Marga! To see the confidence my daughter now has not only in math but in general is amazing.
Terri S
Sammamish, WA
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